The Ethical Revoloution of SEO Australia

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The Ethical Revoloution of SEO Australia

Growing Influence of Search Engines

SEO strategies have evolved immensely over the past 5 years. With the search engines achieving complete domination over users of the internet, the search engine giants like Google and Yahoo have had a major influence on modern marketing tactics. Earlier, SEO Australia services were implemented by a select few.

With more and more business owners waking up to the benefits of implementing SEO Australia campaigns for their business, the demand for SEO services grew and subsequently, the providers of the service multiplied like mushrooms. With a proliferation of SEO Australia services crowding the market, the competition reached a fever pitch.

Deterioration of the Online Experience

Gradually over time, the internet became a dumping ground for low grade content. Duplicated content choked the original internet experience. Search results for queries provided useless information. This raised the question of why ethical SEO services needed to be implemented to ensure the right use of the internet and a fair ground for marketing techniques to be implemented.

Google Policing

The Penguin and Panda updates from Google ushered in a revolution in the way content was generated for the internet. Poor quality content and duplicate content suffered penalization from Google, forcing them to lower rankings on search engine result pages. As a consequence, SEO Australia providers were forced to abide by ethical SEO services and content generated was required to meet the standards of the newly introduced guidelines.

The latest Hummingbird update will prove to be a step in the right direction as it will promote the comprehensive upgrade in the level of quality being generated for the internet ensuring that the end user had access to high quality and accurate information for their queries.