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Facing Linkage Problems?

If you have been warned about unnatural links from Google, you may be in some trouble with regards to your online marketing plan. That being said, there’s not need to hit the panic button. It’s not the end of the world. provides you light at the end of this tunnel through its highly effective Link removal service. Our SEO executive conducts a thorough evaluation of your link profile and makes an assessment on the various links that could be wreaking havoc with your online marketing strategy and pulling you down. The concerned websites are contacted and the respective links removed.

The Comprehensive De-Linking Plan from, we have devised an exhaustive system through which your website will be liberated from the chains of unnatural links that are pulling your search engine ranking down to the depths. This includes a detailed evaluation of your back link profile. We check for artificially optimised anchor texts that interfere with the flow of your content and make it stick out like a sore thumb. Black hat techniques for acquiring links are easily picked up by Google and penalized, creating a negative impact on your website. We clean up your act with the highest level of efficiency to the best of our ability.

Keeping you in the Loop

Of course, there will be cases where the links will be difficult or even impossible to remove. We will bring this to your notice when we submit our performance report. We will also provide you with details as to which links were able to be successfully removed. This will provide a new perspective on how to restructure your web page to recover from the damage caused by unnatural links.

Once we have been successful in removing somewhere around 80% of the unnatural links, we will be filing a reconsideration request to Google. The process can take 3 to 4 months depending on the situation. This is a monthly service that you can cancel at any point in time.